“This new era is too good an opportunity to create a real perfume. And so Odoration came into being, the inspiration of a contemporary age.”


the sense of smell on the alert

Ascending toward a divinity crowned with sunlight, a prayer,
the very breath of dawn, steeped in the obscurity of sacred mysteries, exhales.

Astral light, radiant orange emerges from bitter zest.
Blue fumes of eucalyptus, awaken the spirits of the primitive forest.

Celestial force in the accomplishment of the earth, extremes unite.
Only freedom reveals the true path, source of abundance.

Narcotic chalice, ylang ylang exults with sensual vibrations.
Suave osmanthus combines absolute beauty with exquisite harmony.

Alchemy transmutes matter in an ode divine,
Odoration gives birth to the awakening of awareness.

Fertile inspiration of primitive arts, Mother Earth lays roots of gaiac.
And the resinous smoke of myrrh to celebrate and to give thanks for life.