Fabrice Olivieri, the perfumer that we know today, has had a very unusual career.
His childhood memories were perfumed with grenadine. Son of a liqueur maker, his playground was the floor of the fruit syrup plant and his dream was to become a gardener of medicinal plants and herbs. A master’s degree in fashion and creation under his arm, Fabrice suddenly realized what attracted him the most: it was art, luxury and design, but most of all it was perfume!

Meeting Monique Schlienger was a major turning point. During his long apprenticeship, Fabrice studied raw materials and the composition of many of the great perfumes. It was in the marketing department of Takasago that he worked alongside perfumers on a daily basis. The urge to became a creator himself was greater than ever and he refined and polished what he had learned as a perfumer’s assistant with IFF and then with Christopher Sheldrake at Quest International.
In 2005, he decided to follow his nose and launched his own creative perfume studio.